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Music Band Retronance

Retronance is a professional instrumental band based in Delhi, India, led by renowned artist Jogindar aka Jogi - Pioneer Bollywood Cellist and Saxophonist. Mr Jogi is a member of Cine Musicians' Association Mumbai. It is an association based in Mumbai of one of the choicest & finest Musicians of India. Retronance is an unplugged instrumental setup. The top retro band in India plays live retro, classical, contemporary and jazz. Famous Bollywood Retro music is their forte. The live band has a vast repertoire of 300+ best Bollywood, Jazz, and western classic songs for music concerts, elite weddings and corporate events. Each of the song imparts a soothing experience for the audience which makes them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. There is hardly any band in India, which possesses the skillset that Retronance does. Their audience describe their performances as a subtle dose of melody, relaxation and soothing energy. It is an amazing experience to see them perform with such a diverse set of instruments.
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