Terms and Condition

Artistkart Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

Somebody who utilizes any of our Services (defined below) is hereinafter mentioned as "User", "you", or "your".

These Terms and conditions ("Terms") administer your use of our websites or any other products/services provided by Artist kart ("Service"), undeviatingly or indirectly, through any automated device or platform, including but not restricted to a computer, mobile phone or tablet. The Services may be rendered by us or through our subsidiaries, affiliates, or third-party service providers. Third-party assistance providers are merely agents (as defined in the applicable laws, including but not confined to the Information Technology Act, 2000) and we shall not be liable for the contents provided by any third party.

Please view and understand these Terms and conditions, and the other terms of use very carefully. Please abstain from utilizing our Services if you do not consent to any of these. By availing of our Assistance, you consent to comply with these Phrases, which together with our other policies and guidelines such as the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, administer our association with you. These Terms, therefore, establish a legal contract connecting you and Artist Kart.


Payments & Bookings

1. As we are a focussed artist booking platform, the overall Production cost must be paid by the organizer, we do not rely on the sponsors.


2. The total proposed amount must be paid in two phases i.e. 50% of the Total Amount in advance for the locking of assistance as a booking Amount and the remaining 50% One Week (seven days) before the Main Event. For bookings made within three weeks of an event, the total event fee will be payable on approval of the booking.

3. The Association will only acquire a booking upon receipt of signed confirmation and once this is accepted a contract will be considered to have been made. Until the booking security is paid and the contract signed and delivered, the Company shall be available to offer the date in question to other parties.



4. We do not work for the Sponsorships. The sponsors must be accompanied by the organizer himself and all the benefits must be addressed.



5. If for any cause the Contracting Party cancels the booking, the booking deposit of 50% of the total invoice amount will be abandoned. If for any cause the Contracting Party cancels the booking within Five Days before the event date, the Contracting Party shall be accountable to pay the total price contracted for.


Change in Event Date:

6. Once the booking is approved and the Booking Form has been signed any modification of the contracted event date prompted by the contracting party up to 5 days before the event date, will acquire an administration fee of 10% of the total agreed event fee. The contracted event date cannot be modified within Five days of the event date externally the full event fee being incurred.


Our services

1.  Artist Kart is an artwork society platform for artists, art supporters, art businesses, and journalists. Artist Kart is a conversation platform, social media portal, and an association for musicians and artists from throughout the world.


2. Broadly, we own a “Forum” section – to build the buzz that supports an artist to show themselves, an “Event Calendar” segment to let you know of the best events advertised in and around the globe so you can prepare and accompany what you love, and a literal “Booking” section that facilitates event organizers / hiring agents to book artists on the go.


3. We support artists as a curator by rendering databases of venues, promoters and galleries, and permitting direct booking and sales.


4. We give a free database, operating as one of the essential search engines for all artists, designs, and curators.


5. Music Streaming is a significant component of Artist kart. We present our streaming servers, combining artist and record label profiles, allowing them to upload high-quality audio, and implementing a service that has not been performed in the Indian music industry so far. The music content can be exchanged as material and/or digital copy as per the order assigned by users which are validated through reliable local payment getaways, creating it more comfortable for the artists to show and sell their work.


6. Artist Kart also gives consultancy services to artists about any problem, including but not restricted to how Indian laws and organizations operate and making professionals fully aware of their rights and the laws influencing them. Artist Kart will not cooperate, or get involved with any dispute but will render advisory services to anyone who seeks them.


7. We also strive to support artists by operating fundraiser campaigns to cover/contribute their costs and help to coordinate resources to aid the production of new art and develop the artist community.